academie: Finding dance

Erica Neely elneely at
Wed Feb 14 09:43:42 PST 2001


Can anyone help me reply to this?  I know she's in Marche of Blak Rose, but
they don't seem to dance.  Thanks!

> I've moved to Dickinson College in PA, where
>there may be student/staff interest but no organized/publicized practice.
>As a specialist in French Renaissance Studies, and the Early Modern period
>generally, I'd love to incorporate this option in courses I'll be teaching
>in the fall and spring 2002.  What would you advise as avenues
>(instructional videos, "popular" films, dance festivals in PA, MD, or DC,
>etc.) for observing/imitating the sort of dancing you do?

In service,

Catalana di Neri

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