academie: Business Meeting

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Sat Feb 10 18:38:26 PST 2001

We will be having a door prize drawing for a 1st Edition copy of Playford at 
the Academie's business meeting prior to the Symposium this coming Saturday. 
  If anyone else has a door prize they may want to donate, please contact me 

The meeting itself will be very informal.  We're going to spend most of the 
time putting names to faces, but we'll also discuss things like the upcoming 
Kingdom events we're supporting, University in Bordervale Keep in June, and 
the Known World Dance Symposium in Boston.  We'll also talk about getting 
more dance practices started, and how the half of the kingdom that is 
chocked-full of instructors can help the half that aint. :)  We'll also talk 
about our new heraldry, and about some clever and interesting ways we can 
use it.

And speaking of heraldry, we are working on a few baldrics which can be used 
by our dancemasters (and classroom instructors) to help identify them when 
they're in a crowd.  Until our heraldry passes Laurel, we won't be making 
very many of them with our badge on it, but the ones we are making for this 
weekend *will* (hopefully) be the prototype dancemaster baldric that we hope 
to make duplicates of for every DM in Atlantia.

The business meeting is at 10am.  Classes don't start until noon, so you 
won't have to worry about missing anything -- I don't expect we'll go very 
long at all!  :)


PS - Punch and Pie
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