academie: Symposium Instructor Class "Wants"

Oxford, David dmo at
Thu Feb 8 09:39:45 PST 2001

Greetings Dancin' Types...

The class list for Dance Symposium is now set, barring any unforeseen
cancellations.  The next step is scheduling.  To that end, I would like those
people who are teaching to look over the class offerings and let me know what
classes you'd like to TAKE, so I can avoid as much as possible scheduling the
class(es) you're going to TEACH against them.  The full listing of classes,
along with descriptions, is on the Symposium website at:

Instructors, go take a look and decide what you want to take and let me know
ASAP!!!  I'll be locking down the schedule over the weekend, so best get you
information to me before then!  Obviously I can't promise to accommodate
everyone, but I'll do my best.  If there are classes that you REALLY REALLY
REALLY REALLY want to take, be sure to say so, and I'll give those higher
priority.  Likewise if there's something you'd sorta like to take but don't care
too much about, let me know.

Thanks, y'all!  Remember, it's only a week away!  :)


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