academie: June-iversity

James C. Wagner Jr. james at
Mon Feb 5 08:17:21 PST 2001

As an addendum to Vard's note about June University..

The last date to turn in a class for the June University is March 15 (18th, 
really.) Also, this University will be published in Meridies. He will also be 
asking for instructors from there for classes. It looks to be a BIG 
InterKingdom University.


At WOPP (the War Orphan Pity Party) last year, the autocrat invited the 
Meridies dance guild to come be in charge of dance at that event because:
"Atlantia doesn't do Dance."  (direct quote... don't shoot the messenger..)

They came, gave music CDs to a representative from every group in SC that 
had someone there, taught Scottish Jigs to "Istanbul, not Constantinople" and
"Puttin' on the Ritz." and generally made themselves most popular.. So, that's
the other side of the coin that may show up at University. (Oh,. they did dance
Rufty Tufty and Hearts Ease but those are the only two you'd like to hear 

So, June University offers a fabulous opportunity for the enlightenment 
of many gentles.. I'd rather see the Academie inspire other Kingdoms with
period dance than see others "inspire" Atlantia.


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