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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon Feb 5 07:55:47 PST 2001

Just so people can start thinking about this, the next session of University 
will be the first weekend in June (6/2) in the Shire of Border Vale Keep 
(Augusta, GA).  This is the weekend after Twentieth Year, and I believe this 
is the weekend prior to KWDS.

The location presents a challenge for some of us in the northernmost 
baronies.  But this is a wonderful chance for the Academie to prove that we 
*really* are a Kingdom-wide thing.  Our membership boasts over a dozen from 
North and South Carolina, plus a few of us "northerners" who can probably be 
coaxed into coming down to help out.  :)

The deadline to register to teach classes at "Juniversity" is sometime in 
early to mid March.  This allows the Chancellor sufficient time to compile 
the class listings and get them to the Chronicler by April 1 for publication 
in the May =Acorn=.  We need to think about how many classes the Academie 
will offer, what the topics should be, and which of us will teach them.  
>From recent experience, 3-4 afternoon classes seem to work pretty well.

Some suggested classes might be: Galliards, English Country Dance, Italian 
Social Dance, French Bransles, Period vs. Non-Period Dance (lecture), How to 
Run a Dance Practice (lecture).  There are dozens of other topics, this is 
of course just a starting point.

If I may, I would recommend that each teacher teach no more than 1 class -- 
this would allow us to give people who have never taught a chance to gain 
valuable experience.  If someone would like to teach a class but feels like 
they could use some backup, let us know and maybe we can arrange for an 
experienced teacher to "co-teach" with you.  Anyway,  give it some thought, 
bounce a few ideas around, and lets see what we can come up with.  :)

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