academie: Heraldry Update

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon Feb 5 05:42:32 PST 2001

This is going to shock some of you, especially those who are convinced that 
it takes Heralds FOREVER to get stuff done...

Our badge has passed Kingdom.

Yes, boys and girls, the heraldry that we had *proposed* and were discussing 
as recently as two weeks ago has already gone through the proper internal 
heraldic channels and are being prepared to be sent to Laurel as we speak.

How did this happen so fast?  Well, we got the paperwork done and into 
Golden Dolphin's hands before the 25th of the month, which is the monthly 
cut-off date for consideration at the next "LoI" (Letter of Intent) meeting. 
  That meeting is held on the first Sunday of the month, which was 
yesterday.  At that meeting, Golden Dolphin and her staff meet to review all 
submissions, check them for conflict, make sure the paperwork is correct, 
and do everything necessary to ensure that the proposals are okay to go on.  
Those which are wrong, conflict, or contain any mistakes are returned for 
re-work.  Ours was fine, so it's been approved and will go to Laurel for 
final disposition.

Because of the lead time required to publish things in the =Acorn=, you will 
not see the "official" results of the February LoI meeting until the April 
=Acorn= come out, which will be in 6-8 weeks.  But you can take my word for 
it -- I was at the meeting -- our heraldry HAS passed Kingdom.

Here's what it looks like:

Golden Dolphin sent the Academie her compliments on this submission.  She 
said that the submission was very nicely done, and that the drawing of Spike 
was one of the nicest she had ever seen (thanks again, Bran!)  The LoI 
staff, which this month included Triton himself, all commented about how 
nice and "Atlantian" that badge looked.

It is customary to NOT display heraldry that has not yet been registered.  
But once a submission has passed Kingdom, all *implied* prohibitions are 
lifted.  As of yesterday afternoon, the Kingdom of Atlantia APPROVES of us 
using and wearing this badge.

I wonder if we can get baldrics made in time for the Symposium?  :)

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