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Sun Feb 4 09:44:00 PST 2001

Let me be the first to announce to the Academie that the dance classes at University yesterday were a success!!  We had a huge room (Thanks Stephan!) and we needed it!!  We had phenomenal numbers for our 4 dance classes.  The 1st hour was Beginning Italian and was composed of brand new dancers, those with some ECD knowledeg and a few academie members. I would estimate that 25-30 attended that class.
The 2nd hour was Intermediate Italian and we had many of the same folks stay on...I guess they weren't scared away by the 1st hour (YEAH!).  The 3rd hour was my class (Beggining ECD) 1st time teaching at University...At one time we had 6 sets of six...Yes, boys and girls, that is at least 36 people!  Some of the folks hadn't attended the Italian classes but many of them stayed on for 3 or all 4 classes. I saw a bit of the last hour (Advanced ECD) and some of those there were the ones who started with us for the 1st class and had never danced before...Brave souls, eh?

I wasn't able to attend the Feast and Ball that evening and would really like to hear if our success in the daytime transfered over to the evening...I hope so!

See you all at Nothing But Dance!

Lady Rowen ferch Rhys
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