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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu Feb 1 08:54:14 PST 2001


I have generated a dance cross-reference spreadsheet which some of you may 
be interested in.  It lists all of the dance tracks from 11 widely-used 
dance CDs (including the 9 "Really Cheap CDs" that Greg distributes), and 
cross-references them against a variety of tablature sorces (such as 
Playford, Greg's Cheat Sheets, Joy & Jealousy, Court & Counrty, and Compleat 
Anachronist #101).

With this spreadsheet, you can look up any particular dance and know 
immediately (a) which CD it's on, (b) the track # and length of the tune, 
(c) how many times the music repeats, (d) how many people the dance is for, 
(d) the Playford # of the dance, if any, and (e) what other sources you can 
use to look up how to dance it. Here's a sample entry:

Dance        Rpts Disk    Trk Time For  Playford Blount Other Sources
Almain Black      Cecilia1 23 2:58 many           Yes   CA-56 CC-51
Almain Black      Cecilia2  9 2:35 many           Yes   CA-56 CC-51
Almain Black      IoC       8 3:13 many           Yes   CA-56 CC-51
Almain Black      IoC      18 1:40 many           Yes   CA-56 CC-51
Almain Black      ShIsles   ? 2:55 many           Yes   CA-56 CC-51
Almain Black   4  TOD 2    15 3:02 many           Yes   CA-56 CC-51

There are over 270 entries in the spreadsheet, which prints out nicely into 
an 8-page booklet. I have printed several copies and will be able to hand 
them out to anyone who wants one. If you would like an emailed copy, let me 
know and I'll make arrangements. I will also make a master copy available to 
Greg so he can include a copy with each set of "Really Cheap CDs" he 

The CDs that are cross-referenced on this list are:
Ansteorran Dance Symposium AS XXVII
The Companions of St. Cecilia: Vol I
The Companions of St. Cecilia: Vol II
*Dun Carraig Dance CD: version 1.0
Carolingian Incomplete Arbeau
Dances from Inns of the Court
The Marian ensemble
*Mesura et Arte del Danzare
Shire of the Isles Vol 1-3 from Caid
The Tape of Dance 1 (found of TOD 3 CD)
The Tape of Dance 2 CD
The Tape of Dance 3 CD
(All CDs from "Really Cheap CDs" except those notes by *)

The tablature sources cross-referenced are:
Playford, 1st edition (1651)
Gregory Blount, "Renaissance Dance Cheat Sheets"
A. Clark, "Court and Country"
V. Stephens & M. Cellio, "Joy and Jealousy"
J.& P. Durham, "Compleat Anachronist #101"

This is the smaller of two spreadsheets I maintain. This one is specific to 
CDs and sources that most people should have easy access to. My larger sheet 
includes another half-dozen CDs and a 2-3 dozen tapes, plus an assortment of 
other tablatures I've collected -- mostly from event dance handouts. I can 
make that one available to others as well, but unless you also have some of 
the additional CDs or tablatures, it will not add much more utility to you 
than the small list does.

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