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Tue Jan 30 11:23:55 PST 2001

I know, I know... it seems like there has been a flood of topics recently, 
what with University, the Symposium, Coronation, and Twentieth Year.  
Nevertheless, the following has a time-critical aspect to it, and those who 
are thinking about attending the Known World Dance Symposium should be aware 
of this.  You can get dorm rooms for approximately one-half to one-third of 
what a hotel will cost, but you MUST let the KWDS staff know by TOMORROW 
(Wed, 1/31) that you might want a room.  I have requested one room, others 
who are planning to go should do likewise if they have not already, and 
should do so immediately.


Dorm rooms

We are offering no-frills lodging in university dormitory rooms, at a 
substantial discount from typical Boston hotel prices. Current estimates are 
approximately $45/night for single-occupancy rooms, $40/night/person double. 
(These prices may change; room rates should be fixed by the end of January.) 
These dorm rooms will be within easy walking distance to the event site 
(about 10 minutes). PLEASE EMAIL ADELE (adele at BT THE END OF 
JANUARY IF YOU WANT A DORM ROOM! We will then contact you for the 
nonrefundable deposit required to hold the room.

More details about the dorm rooms (policy dictated by Boston University): 
These rooms are in Warren Towers, Boston University, about a 10-minute walk 
from the event site. Each dorm room contains two single beds (linens are 
provided). No more than two people may stay in a room (or one if reserved as 
single-occupancy). Rooms are segregated by sex with communal bathrooms on 
each floor. Married couples are the only permitted exception to the 
single-sex per room rule, but unfortunately only single beds are available. 
The bottom floors of the building are parking levels. Parking fees are 
extra. A nonrefundable deposit (about $30) is required to reserve a room. 
Pets are not allowed. The Boston University policy on children staying in 
the same room with their parents will be posted as soon as we know it. Cribs 
are not available.


If you prefer to stay in a hotel, we recommend reserving rooms as early as 
possible. Boston hotels fill quickly and room rates are high.

Crash Space

We expect crash space to be extremely limited and encourage people to take 
advantage of the dorm rooms mentioned above. The coordinator of crash space 
is Lady Godith Anyon. (rvoris at
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