academie: 20YC Dancing

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Mon Jan 29 15:40:08 PST 2001

In a message dated 1/29/01 5:31:47 PM Eastern Standard Time, lindahl at 

 Since lots of people are camping, how about:
 Friday night "welcome dance"
 Saturday day couple of dance classes
 Sunday dance before feast, if possible.>>

Actually, I don't know where my head was...Talk about not thinking out of the 
box....I like this idea even better.  Though the welcome dance would have to 
start pretty late considering the locaiton of the site and the times that 
people will be arriving....And dancing before feast is also a good idea since 
as Greg says, most people will probably either leave after the Curia, or 
after the feast (or they will just sort of fizzle out....safest bet is to 
arrange the main dance before the feast, and allow for any post feast dance 
should the situation allow for it)

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