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Mon Jan 29 13:47:11 PST 2001

> What do y'all think about dancing outdoors, or under a tent?  Love it, hate 
> it, don't care?

Three times have I danced on outdoor surfaces.  Twice have my spritely feet 
found the deepest, most hidden holes possible and taken the nastiest kind of 
sprains (without actually ripping tendons).  If we were to dance outside, I 
would want the entire area covered in carpeting of some sort that has been 
somewhat secured.  While the thought of dancing in the outdoor environment 
may seem romantic, it needs to be approached carefully.  There are lighting 
concerns for the musicians, and the above mentioned flooring problems.  If 
both of these are addressed, then I am all for NOT dancing in such a 
constrained space as the Rec Hall...Romantic is good....*grin*

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