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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon Jan 29 12:59:19 PST 2001

The Autocrat has asked me several questions regarding dancing at Twentieth 
Year.  I'm forwarding them below:

>I'm expecting to use the "rec hall" as the A&S area.  Dancing during the 
>day would have to be elsewhere.  We saw a nice hall that would probably 
>work for dance classes if the weather was bad. (originally thought about 
>for A&S - but I think its too small) If its nice weather, perhaps outside 
>under the trees would work nicely too?
>We are renting a BIG tent for the feast (about 60x100 feet).   The chairs 
>and tables would probably be mostly pulled down by the Sunday night 
>activities. Would you like to have the ball outside under the tent? It 
>protects incase of rain, but its certainly much bigger than the rec hall 
>would be.  It might make for a very pleasant and romantic atmosphere. 
>(Dancing outside - how very medieval!)   We CAN have the A&S stuff down by 
>Sunday evening to use the rec hall, but this might take the pressure off of 
>that - besides, leaving the A&S displays up until Monday early would extend 
>the concept of the event continuing until Monday.

A little background first.  The site in question is the same as the site for 
Fall Coronation for Amalric and Caia (9/99) in southernmost Dun Carraig... 
the event alongside the Potomac with the dolphins and the shooting stars.  
Since the event is replacing Emerald Joust, they're having Emerald Joust at 
20th Year.  This means a HUGE all-day tourney on Saturday, followed by an 
ENORMOUS 600-person Feast that evening.  Because of the size of the tourney, 
the need to have a court, plus the hours that will be sucked into Feast, 
there is practically no chance of having successful dancing happen that 

But fear not, this is a multi-day event on a 3-day weekend!  Sunday, they 
will be having Curia, a novice tourney, more court, a small feast, and 
dancing.  Also, we will be able to offer dancing *during* Saturday's 
tourney.  After all, not EVERYBODY would want to sit on their rears while 
the stick jocks beat each other into a bloody pulp all afternoon long.  Anne 
had the same thought.

The "rec hall" that Anne speaks of is the hall where we held Masqued Ball 
for Coronation.  The "nice hall" is where we had A&S for Coronation, it's 
the building between the "rec hall" and the football field.  And no, it 
won't work for dancing, it's much too small, but I haven't closed that loop 
with her yet.  The question I have relates to dancing outdoors.

Personally, I think instrumentation sounds better indoors.  Also, I would 
rather dance on a firm surface than risk tripping on a rock, tree root, mole 
hole.  Also, I would rather use space for dynamic arts (like dancing and 
music playing) than I would for static arts (things on display).  I do not 
know why she didn't mention the feast hall... perhaps she's reserving that 
for other activities.  We would not want to dance there -- terrible 
acoustics -- but the A&S displays moving there would free-up the dance hall 
for us.  This might not be an option, but I wanted to mention it so we 
didn't get hung up on it.

What do y'all think about dancing outdoors, or under a tent?  Love it, hate 
it, don't care?


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