academie: Coronation Coordination (say THAT 3 times fast!)

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon Jan 29 09:17:39 PST 2001


I wanted to pass a quick Academie-wide note to everybody to let you know 
whats happening regarding Coronation planning, and to better prepare you in 
case you hear something come from someone you weren't expecting to hear 
from.  ;)

#1: Storvik is running Coronation, the Autocrat is Dame Brenna.  She is in 

#2: Her Highness Princess Mary-Grace views Coronation as a very important 
day in Her life, and She has some VERY specific things that She wants to 
have happen that day.  She is also in charge.

#3: Princess Mary-Grace has a very pro-active group of retainers, who act 
immediately upon Her request, and who also come up with stuff completely on 
their own.  They are ALSO in charge.

#4: The site has been moved to "Goochland", which is between Richmond and 
Charlottesville, VA.  I do not know if that is Crown Land, or if Caer Mear 
or Isenfir claim it.  Either way, there is likely to be a local person 
tagged to be in charge of site-related functions.  I do not doubt for a 
moment that this person will ALSO be in charge. :)

Get the picture?  Lots of cooks, lots of people "in charge".  But only ONE 
Ball and only ONE Academie running it.

So everybody here knows, the Coronation Ball is being coordinated by Lady 
Etain, who will be leaning upon the Academie for as much support as she 
requires.  Make no mistake, this is an Academie-sponsored Ball, and we will 
be heavily involved with virtually every aspect of it.  Etain is heading-up 
our effort, but she can only effectively do her job if she is included in 
*all* of the planning.  If any of the people "in charge" fail to communicate 
with Etain, then the risk that something important might slip through the 
cracks is apparent.

I am Etain's primary backup for this, and in her stead, I am  temporarily 
her point of contact with the Autocrat.  Her Highness should now be 
communicating exclusively with Etain.  Her Highness' staff should *also* be 
communicating exclusively with Etain, although I know that this idea has not 
yet firmly taken root with them.

At Marinus' "Revels" event, we were approached by Baroness Rosine regarding 
some details for Coronation dancing.  I know that Lord Bryan had been 
contacted privately by HRH's staff on a different topic, and I also know 
that HRH's staff were acting under the misconception last week that someone 
*other* than Etain was running dancing.  These symptoms are indicative of a 
lot of well-meaning, VERY enthusiastic people, who are failing to 
well-coordinate their efforts.  ;)

If you are approached by any of the multiple people who are "in charge" of 
Coronation, by all means listen to what they have to tell you and to what 
they're requesting.  Keep in mind that though they're asking you, they're 
probably really asking the Academie.  When they finish, thank them for their 
time and let them know that you will pass this information to Etain, who 
will include it in her planning.  You may also use my name if you'd like... 
consider Etain and I interchangable, what I hear, she hears.  If you receive 
a personal request, that's great, but as a courtesy you should pass word to 
Etain so she can be aware of it.  She cannot plan for things that she does 
not know about. :)

There are a LOT of cooks, and they're not all talking to each other right 
now.  Until they do, and until the message they're sending gets 
better-coordinated, the only way we can ensure that dancing at Coronation 
comes off smoothly is if WE coordinate things ourselves.  If you learn of 
some new 'want' or 'need' for Coronation, let Etain and/or myself know as 
soon as possible.

If something urgent comes up, don't rely on email -- call me.  My numbers 
are:  301-737-0437 (home), 301-862-5710 x323 (work).

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