academie: Dancing at Ymir

marion wright marionred at
Sat Jan 27 04:57:00 PST 2001

I will be at Ymir but fencing durning the day but will be glad to help with 
dancing in the evening. after 12th night the ladies at our fighter practice 
in hickory  asked for a dance practice so starting this weekend we will be 
trying to do an hour of dance after fighter practice, I think you 
preliminary list will be a good start..

if this takes off as a decent Idea to do a little dance after fighting I 
will let the rest of you know  so you can join us. there are several 
potental problems one .. getting the guys to stop fighting, and two a dance 
instructor who is not to tried

>Greetings, Dance Mavens.
>I've put my foot in it and have offered to run dance at Ymir.  Before I 
>the general announcement, I was wondering of anyone could put me in touch
>with musicians who would be willing to play for Ymir.
>Here is what I have in mind so far:
>I want to keep the dance list fairly simple because we have little time for
>practices between now and Ymir, and many of us are still a bit rusty:
>Black Alman
>Candlestick Bransle
>Earl of Salisbury Pavane
>Horses Bransle
>Official Bransle
>Quadran Pavane
>Rostiboli Gioioso
>Saltarello la Regina
>Sellenger's Round
>Washerwoman's Bransle
>Black Nag
>Jenny Pluck Pears
>Bransle Charlotte
>Maltese Bransle
>Gathering Peasecods
>Heart's Ease
>John Tallow's Cannon
>Rufty Tufty
>SETS OF THREE (any gender)
>Petit Vriens
>I'll be bringing candles, holders and candle globes for candlestick bransle
>and maybe John Tallow's Cannon, and lengths of cloth for people to tie to
>their arm to indicate that they are interested in dancing and are not just
>watching (you can remove the cloth if you need a rest and put it back on 
>you're ready to resume).  I'm gonna ask that the hall lights be lowered and
>provide either real or electric candles to provide more intimate lighting 
>dancing but arrange for lighting for the musicians' music stands.
>I'd also shoot for a formal deal with the bardic folk that we have a set of
>dancing and then let the bards take over for a bit, then dance, then bardic
>for the rest of the night. Or something like that.  Only one way to find 
>if it will work...
>Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for the smooth running 
>the dance.   Just think about what you liked about other dances you've seen
>and what annoyed you about them and think what we can do to make it better. 
>Personally my turn-offs are too much light (hard to have a magical 
>under flourescent lighting and lots of it), and interruptions for court
>business (fooey), having another activity going on at the same time in the
>same room with the dancing, and non-dance traffic across the dance floor
>during the dancing.
>As for teaching during the day, unfortunately I'll be cooking, serving and
>cleaning up for the breakfast and lunch, but I may have an hour before 
> The problem with that is that people tend to have too much to do - on top 
>catching up with friends they haven't seen in a while.  If any are 
>in running formal classes during the day, I'd be happy to help with local
>logistics.  Also, having an extra person or more to coach all the sets
>instead of one person yelling to be heard would be another good thing.  
>RSVP - Ursula von Bremen

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