academie: Revels at the Inns....

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu Jan 25 07:53:32 PST 2001

I will try to pull together a dance list today and get it out to you and the 
Academie as soon as possible.  I've had a few distractions tossed in my path 
from the Coronation folks, and even though they're nice distractions, it's 
still interfered with my ability to give Revels 100% of my attention. ;)

Tahira and I will be teaching in the afternoon, and we will be happy to 
include any other Academie instructors who show up and offer to help.  We do 
*not* have a scheduled band, but we will most assuredly accept the help of 
any musician who shows up and offers to play for us.  We will have the 
standard assortment of CDs in case we need them as a fallback.

If time permitting, I hope to compile some cheatsheets.  At a minimum, the 8 
Old Measures will be covered.


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