academie: Issue 2 of =The Muse=

Ken Buzzard KenBuzz at
Wed Jan 24 14:21:23 PST 2001

Hi all, Vard here.

The second issue of our newsletter =The Muse= is now available on the
Academie website for your paroosal.  The URL is:

The newsletter contains the membership roster as of mid-January (with LOTS
of new folks since the last issue!), information about our upcoming events
and about Known World '01, some photos from when our Charter was signed
(come to University or the Symposium to see the scroll), and a few other
niceties.  If anyone does NOT have web browsing capability, let me know and
I can either e- or snail-mail a copy.

(A personal thank-you to Bryan for getting the newsletter reformatted and
published to the website so quickly, and to he and Gregory for responding to
my short-notice call for articles!)

Here's some breaking news:

The Academie has been tagged by the Crown to coordinate dancing and
musicians for Coronation on April 7th in Lochmere.  Lady Etain will be our
primary point of contact, and will be meeting with the Coronation staff and
Her Highness Princess Mary-Grace this weekend.  I do not doubt that coming
out of that meeting will be a LOT of to-dos for Etain and the Academie, and
we should be ready to quickly step up and provide whatever help Etain might
need.  Stand by for more info.

Oh, and our badge paperwork should have been received today by Golden
Dolphin....  :)

(using his backup email account since Hotmail has gone stupid today.)

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