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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Tue Jan 23 08:45:01 PST 2001

Judith asked:
>Is anyone in particular in charge, and if so, what are the plans?

Yes, there is.  I've been swapping mails with Elspeth regarding dancing at 
Revels.  Since this is a mid-16th Cy THEMED event, we are giving ECD a pass 
this year.  I am teaching the eight Old Measures, Tahira is going to handle 
the pavannes and galliards.  If someone wants to teach some bransles or 
basse danse, that would be fine.  Just let me know so we don't double-book 

If the event follows the same format as last year, we will be teaching in 
the guess would be 1 or 2 pm for starters but that's just a 
guess.  An early Feast, including court, and the ball afterwards.  Tahira 
and I are running the ball.  Because of the theme of the event, the first 
dances of the ball will be the eight Oldies.  After that, what we do will be 
fair game.  I am not planning on coming up with a set list, per se, but 
rather a list of dances grouped into 2 and 3 dance subsets from which we 
will select.

Elspeth is working on getting musicians, but I do not yet know the details.  
As backup, the band-in-a-box will be available.

More info at:


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