academie: Revels at the Inns....

Oxford, David dmo at
Tue Jan 23 07:20:24 PST 2001

>> Turns out that I will indeed be able to attend Revels at 
>> the Inns of Court this weekend, and I noticed in the 
>> event announcement that the "Academie" will be providing
>> dance instruction.....Is anyone in particular in 
>> charge, and if so, what are the plans?

Yeah, who's running the dance part of this shin-dig?  Isenfir and the Red
Mountain Inn will be there in force, providing plenty of gaming fun and also in
search of dancing pleasure.

One of our local musicians contacted Elspeth recently and she said she was
opening up the styles of dance she was planning to do, so there should be a good
diversity of dances, I would hope.

Vard, what do you know about this?


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