academie: Membership list check

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Fri Jan 19 12:14:25 PST 2001


Below is the current Academie membership list as I have it.  Could you 
please check your entry -- specifically the spelling of your name -- and let 
me know of any inaccuracies?

Also, please take a look at the title I have for you and let me know if (a) 
it is incorrect, or (b) there is a non-English equivalent that you would 
prefer I use.  (Tatiana, I've got yours already listed)

The corrected list will be published in Issue 2 of =The Muse=


Lord Alwyn Feather the Foolish, Cyddlain Downs
Mistress Alyson of Islay, Storvik
Master Bran Trefonen, Tear's Sea Shore
Brenna of Lyonsbane, Marinus
Lord Bryan Morgan, Isenfir
Catalana di Neri, Würm Wald (M.K.)
Lady Dryw MacMorcat, Guardians
Lord Edvard Gayer, Dun Carraig
Eibhlin nic'Raghailligh, Crosston (W.K.)
THL Elspeth of Harilow,	Marinus
Lady Etain ingen Thadgain, Lochmere
Evelynne Merrymet, Black Diamond
Faelan au Fintan, Neiminfeld
Lord Galeran Chanterel, Ponte Alto
Genii of Isenfir, Isenfir
Master Gregory Blount, Ponte Alto
Lady Gwendolyn Tremayne, Atillium
Gwenllian ferch Gruffyd, Dun Carraig
Lord James of Middle Aston, Buckston-on-Eno
Lord John of Ravenswood, Berley Court
Joshua of the Dancing Blades, Isenfir
Lady Judith de Northumbria, Bakhail (E.K.)
Baroness Julianna Fiorentini, Misty Marsh
Mistress Keilyn FitzWarrin, Ponte Alto
Lady Margaret Obrolchan, Black Diamond
Marguerite of Nottinghill Coill, Nottinghill Coill
Lady Marion le Red, Falcon Cree
Moira of Gutherie, Crannog Mor
Phoebe of Isenfir, Isenfir
Rolf the Blunt, Caer Mear
Lady Rowen ferch Rhys, Südentür
Lord Stefan of Cambion, Storvik
Lady Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ixbilyi, Kappellenberg
Pomestnitsa Tatiana Miroslavna, Stierbach
Lady Ursula von Bremen, Kappellenberg
Lady Victoria Pringle, Isenfir

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