academie: Musicians for the Dance Symposium

Oxford, David dmo at
Thu Jan 18 07:16:11 PST 2001

All righty, then...

Here's the official word on musicians for the ball at the Dance Symposium.  The
Ponte Alto Harp and Drum Corp (or at least designated reps thereof) will be
playing for the evening's dancing.  They are highly amenable to others playing
with them, though, so all are welcome and encouraged to bring their instruments
and participate.  More than likely we will be using arrangements they have
(pending a review for dance-ability), and Anne has said she will prepare extra
copies of the booklet to share with others.  So all should be well.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns about anything
relating to this or other aspects of the event.  And if you want to teach
something, your time to put in for it is almost up.  Also remember that the
price goes up in just two weeks!  Reserve now, and save a buck or three. :)


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