academie: Confusion at K12N

Sharon sharon at
Wed Jan 17 11:51:55 PST 2001

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Oxford, David wrote:

> problems, many of which seemed to stem from trying to do a
> no-teach/no-walk-through/no-calling ball at an event so large and with such
> varied skill levels.  I was surprised to hear that dances weren't even called.

	From having been there and danced, I can tell you that within
individual sets, many of the dances were indeed called by the most
experienced person in hte set (in the sets I was in this was usually
Stefan of Cambion). If they were not, there may not have been enough
people to fill those sets.

	It was hard to tell who was in charge, but it was running smoothly
which to me was all that mattered.


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