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Miriam Robinson Gould madame_sosostris at
Wed Jan 17 18:12:51 PST 2001

>That's unfortunate.  It is my understanding that the GOOP dances were all
>grouped into the second set by the dance coordinator after consultation 
>the band, but prior to any involvement by the Academie.

I spoke with Arcturus at great length about the dances at 12th Night (we're 
in the same Barony; it was a natural discussion not a meddling discussion).  
The decision to group the GOOP dances in the second set was his alone, made 
prior to any consultation with anyone although the band's wishes may have 
provided further incentive.  He did so as a compromise matter so that he 
could respect the opinions of those who find non-period dancing to harm the 
enjoyment of a period event while also respecting the position of those who 
enjoy the GOOP dances, or so he told me.  I am uncertain why people would be 
under the impression that the Academie had somehow squelched or tried to 
squelch GOOP dancing.

I'd like to echo Vard's statement that not wishing GOOP dances to be danced 
at events is not the same as hating GOOP dancing or not wanthing them ever 
to be danced.  I suspect most of us on this list feel passionately enough 
about Renaissance dance that we love most forms that have a similar feel.  
But the question (in my ever so humble opinion *grin*) is not are they 
enjoyable or worth dancing, the question is, are they appropriate to dance 
in a context which is trying to recreate a specific time of which they are 
not a part.

And because I haven't seen anyone on the list do so yet, I want to extend a 
hearty thank you and congratulations to James for managing to pull together 
a dance band with not all that much notice(I would congratulate Arcturus on 
the ball, but he's not on the list so he won't see it *grin*).  And if any 
of the musicians who played at the ball are on the list, thank you to you 
guys, too.

In service,

Sayidda Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ishbiliyya

Be reassured: Of course God loves you, he's just not ready
to make a commitment.

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