academie: Academie Heraldry

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed Jan 17 09:29:25 PST 2001

Scriptsit Bryan:
> >> I spoke previously about a blue baldric to indicate who the
> >> "dance master" is...
>Which is, I think, an exquisite idea.  I wasn't at 12th Night, but I've 
>heard from friends who were there that some of them couldn't figure out WHO 
>was in charge of the dancing.  Identifiability = good. :)

Really?  Wow, I thought we did an excellent job of NOT taking things over.  
I know that I did not make a single announcement, and I don't recally anyone 
OTHER than Arcturus addressing the crowd.  There are a few of us who dance 
better than others -- comes with practice -- and we did help those 
inexperienced dancers by telling them which steps came in which order.  Was 
that the source of confusion, you think?


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