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Oxford, David dmo at
Wed Jan 17 09:07:47 PST 2001

>> I spoke previously about a blue baldric to indicate who the 
>> "dance master" is...

Which is, I think, an exquisite idea.  I wasn't at 12th Night, but I've heard
from friends who were there that some of them couldn't figure out WHO was in
charge of the dancing.  Identifiability = good. :)

>> that baldric would have a white dance and some other 
>> Spike-related charge(s).  Which of the proposed charge
>> sets is easier to make and use, or are they all equally-easy?

I think for the BALDRIC, all of the designs are equally do-able.  A baldric
would allow Spike to be expanded to a reasonable size if using the over/under
two-Spike option.

>> If we were to use one of the designs that has two Spikes
>> (or Spike heads), would the baldric ALSO have two?

I would certainly think so.  Otherwise it's not our badge. :)

>> And what about those woven favors I previously mentioned,
>> do we want to choose a badge which can be woven?

Personally, I would not make that a real big criterion for choosing a badge.
It'd be nice, but I think it's a very small subset of the production methods for
badge usage.  If it's an easily digitizable image, my wonderful wife has
volunteered to whip out a bunch on her embroidery sewing machine (as will, no
doubt the lovely Victoria, who also owns one :)

>> So if I could ask, other than a baldric or a belt-worn 
>> favor, how else might we display this badge on our persons,
>> and how might we display this badge things OTHER than our persons?

Pins are a big one (roundels).  Tokens worn about the neck (also roundels).
Honest-to-goodness big banners to display at events where the Academie has some
prominence (such as the upcoming Revel at the Inns of Courts and of course the
Symposium).  Graphics on the website.  Graphics on Academie literature (such as
Vard's recruiting handout).  Those are some of the things that immediately come
to mind.  Others?

It's the potential use of the badge on roundels (pins, etc) that originally
prompted me to want to use a more discernable charge.  On other things (banners,
etc), you're not as dimensionally-constrained and can pretty well do whatever.

Keep those ideas flowing!


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