academie: Academie Heraldry

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed Jan 17 08:40:38 PST 2001

Scriptsit James:
>*sigh* I can't believe this hasn't been caught yet..
>Can't have an OR spike on a ARGENT dance. metal on metal.

Actually, I believe we can.  Spike is overall, not just on the dance.  Look 
at Atlantia's arms... the crown (Or) is overall, but it also overlaps the 
argent portions of the field.  I think this one is okay, although I am NOT 
Golden Dolphin or Laurel, and either of them may think differently.  ;)

>Just remember, if we use this on a baldrick, we could use 18-24 inches for 
>the badge and make spike as tall as we want. If we use just the head, the 
>height to width ratio would constrict us to certain leghths. (hope that 
>made sense..)

I hadn't thought of specific liberties/difficulties that would be introduced 
by placing either Spike or his noggin on a baldric.  You make good points.  
You know, before we pick one of these bits of heraldry, we might want to 
seriously consider how we will use the badge, and the different manners in 
which we would display it.  That *might* influence our decision.

I spoke previously about a blue baldric to indicate who the "dance master" 
is... that baldric would have a white dance and some other Spike-related 
charge(s).  Which of the proposed charge sets is easier to make and use, or 
are they all equally-easy?  If we were to use one of the designs that has 
two Spikes (or Spike heads), would the baldric ALSO have two?  And what 
about those woven favors I previously mentioned, do we want to choose a 
badge which can be woven?

There are undoubtedly other ways we can display our badge.  From a simple 
roundel that could be made into a pin or necklace fob, to an embroidered bit 
on a tunic.  The only thing I know that we would NOT want to do is to attach 
a blue/white ribbon to our shoulder -- the Academie d'Espee has a claim on 
that, and our charges would be similar enough to cause confusion.  But other 
than that, everything else appears to be fair game.

So if I could ask, other than a baldric or a belt-worn favor, how else might 
we display this badge on our persons, and how might we display this badge 
things OTHER than our persons?

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