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Sharon sharon at
Wed Jan 17 08:26:40 PST 2001

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Edvard Gayer wrote:

> >The impression did come across to several gentles there was suppression of 
> >post-period dances at 12th Night by the academie.

	I believe Vard has already covered this, and I hold a lot of
respect for him for being able to admit his mistake (*hug for Vard*) but
it got me thinking - how can we keep this misconception from ocurring in
the future?
	One thing that is lacking that could give the impression that we
are trying to suppress GOOP dances is a lack of tolerance for those who
disagree with us. Different SCAdiens play on different levels - some just
dance to have fun, others are interested in the historical recreation of
period dances. If we want to popularize the period dances maybe instead of
taking a negative stance towards GOOP dances we should take an
enthusiastically positive stance towards period dances. People seem to
have the impression that GOOPs are more fun than period dances. Maybe we
should show them how much fun period dances can be? Instead of talking
about how GOOPs are evil, talk about how much fun it is to do Rostiboli
Gioiso or Hearts Ease. Steal partners more during period dances ;) 
	I just think that by taking a stance against GOOPs we are putting
them into the spotlight more and more, and the "fun" dancers who, like it
or not, are a large percentage of the dancers in the kingdom, will become
more likely to push for them if only to make our faces turn green. 
OW!!! (I just slipped off my soapbox and twisted my ankle)
	These are just some ideas I have. Do with them what you will.


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