academie: Academie Heraldry

Oxford, David dmo at
Wed Jan 17 08:27:43 PST 2001

>> *sigh* I can't believe this hasn't been caught yet..
>> Can't have an OR spike on a ARGENT dance. metal on metal.

I don't believe that rule applies here, given that it's a charge overall
crossing over an ordinary (as opposed to lying on (charging) the ordinary) -- it
doesn't cause any problems of identifiability, which is of course the point of
the rule of tincture.  Unless the rules have changed in the last couple of
years, it seems the CoA agrees; as of 1995 they passed a very similar device:

-- Patricia Philomena de Saint Clément
-- The following device associated with this name was registered
-- in January of 1995 (via Atlantia):
-- Azure, a fess wavy argent, overall an anchor Or.

None of which invalidates James' comments on using Proposition 1 (dance between
2 full Spikes), but I think Proposition 3 (gold Spike over the dance) is still a
legitimate option, heraldically speaking.


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