academie: Academie Heraldry

James C. Wagner Jr. james at
Wed Jan 17 08:01:50 PST 2001

*sigh* I can't believe this hasn't been caught yet..

Can't have an OR spike on a ARGENT dance. metal on metal.

Referencing the nice, pretty, heraldic examples, let me make my comments.!isenfir/academie/badges.htm

Ok, the bottom two, for the reason sited above, are out. You have a three
color intersection (the Azure, Argent, and Or all touch each other) therefore, 
unless we want to do something like make spike Pean or Ermine, those are out.
(I don't think the Academie wants to enter a Furry Spike debate...)

Of the two at the top, I really like the one on the left much better. With
a full spike, you do not need as much interior detail to tell what it is.
Heck we could just void (I think that's the correct term) Spike and make 
him all white. Therefore reducing (yeah, bad term) him to the outline 
of a unicornate sea horse.  I pulled it into PhotoHouse and whited-out Spike.
That may be just the trick.

I think this badge is the one for us. It screams Atlantia. After it's 
registered, changing the size of the dance and the spikes would not be hard.
Just remember, if we use this on a baldrick, we could use 18-24 inches for the
badge and make spike as tall as we want. If we use just the head, the height 
to width ratio would constrict us to certain leghths. (hope that made sense..)

Well, There's my thoughts... 

James of Middle Aston
james at

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