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Tue Jan 16 19:10:56 PST 2001

I don't speak much, however, I wanted to share my two pence on this.  I
pray that it will not offend anyone.

The impression did come across to several gentles there was suppression
of post-period dances at 12th Night by the academie.

I believe that the academie has a right to support period dances.  And I
agree with the Chancelier one should act within the academie's
boundaries during representation of the academie.  So my point is this. 
The academie is part of the populace and has a right to contribute
suggestions and advice. They were not wrong in offering their opinions
to Arcturus just as it is the right of the populace that likes GOOP to
offer their suggestions and advice.  

Now, the tough part. If truth be told, I enjoy the GOOP as much as
period dances.  You see, I am a ballet dancer and a studio teacher. I
teach ballet.  And I know what you are thinking...tradition, right? 
Correct. Ballet and Period dances has their heritage from
documentation.  There is a sense of pride of carrying on the tradition,
being authentic. So why would I support period and GOOP? GOOP (as well
as modern dance) is the result of a newer group of people wishing to
express thier creativity. First and foremost, I believe in expression. 
Everyone has the born-given right to express themselves.  And I believe
the arts is the best way to do that...whether the person takes a jazz
class, speech class, paint class, writing class, sculpturing class, or
my ballet class.  

Yet, I believe that what I teach in my ballet class goes with my student
outside of class into their everyday life.  They are going to benefit
from what I taught.  I might not like clogging as much as ballet but I
am going to support that student that does like clogging... because in
reality it is all about a person's love, life and truth in this world
and how they express themselves in it.  Whether it be through period
dances or GOOP or both.  

(humbles steps down hoping that he has not offered any gentle)
Faelan au Fintan

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> I joined the Academie because of its laudable goal of promoting period 
> dance in Atlantia.  To me, promoting one thing is vastly different from 
> suppressing something else.

You are correct. The problem is that it's difficult to promote the one
without occasionally being perceived to be suppressing the other. And
in the current discussion we also had a problem with people giving
advice that wasn't really wanted, and a bit of "piling on" concerning
an issue that isn't settled and never will be.

The Academie's goal is to promote period dance. This means that if an
event is "sponsored" by the Academie, it shouldn't have significant
GOOP (grossly out of period) dancing. This also means that the
Academie can't hijack an event where the person who is running dance
wants to have GOOP dancing. Academie members are free to do whatever
they like on their own time, but please don't don the Academie mantle
if you're doing post-period dance.

In this case (12th Night), despite all our discussions about how the
Academie should volunteer to run the dancing, the autocrat asked Lord
Arcturus personally to run dance. I don't recall if he ever asked the
Academie to sponsor the dancing, so we probably hijacked it (Bad
Academie Members, no biscuit # 1). In addition, there was a lot of
advice offered to Arcturus and James on this list about the types of
dance at the ball. Such advice should be offered when asked for, but I
don't recall Arcturus asking for advice. And James, organizing the
definitely isn't the person to ask anything other than "is the band
willing to play/capable of playing GOOP tunes?" So there's a Bad
Academie Members # 2. There's also a Bad Academie Members # 3, in that
there are a fair number of people saying "we" in their postings, but
are only offering personal opinions.
Gregory Blount
Chancelier, L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse

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