academie: Re: Academie Heraldry

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Tue Jan 16 14:30:19 PST 2001

Hmmm... disappearing posts, or Hotmail is acting up again.  Let's see if I 
can remember my clever responses....

Bryan wrote:
>Ah, a challenge.  I accept!  Except, as the challenged, I believe I get 
>choice of weapons.  As a true Isenfiri, I must choose a game of cards or 
>dice. Specifics TBD.  :)

Do you play Cribbage, mon frere?  I got a new board for my birthday.

>I believe Greg would be useful for this.  We'll decide by flipping the
>Chancelier: hair side up = full Spike, hair side down = head only.  Vard 
>and I can do it together to ensure fairness and allow for more height and 
>greater spin.

Won't work.  Master Gregory is ALL hair!  ;)

>On a more practical note, if we MUST use Spike, how about enlarging him so 
>that the proportions are better, and make him gold and overlay the dance 
>with him, thusly:
>"Azure, a dance argent, overall a unicornate natural seahorses Or"

I *like* it.  It captures both of our two primary concepts (Atlantia and 
Dance), even though we lose the clever blazon ('a dance between...').  The 
only downer I can see is that we wouldn't be able to contract with Herveus' 
lady to make a couple of dozen of those really cool favors that she's always 
weaving at events....not allowed to have more than two colors on any one 
vertical line through the pattern.

>Conversely, (and perhaps even better) we could make the dance go over Spike 
>instead of vice-versa (not sure about an ordinary overlaying a charge, but 
>maybe).  It could be symbolic of dance overrunning Atlantia. :)  I put that 
>one up, too, just for comparison.

Hmmm... to be brutally honest, I'd rather chop Spike's head off than run him 
over.  Perhaps we could register this version for use by the Academie 
Secretary, symbolic of my uncanny ability to run over people? ;)

>Personally, I'd prefer instead something more like:
>"Azure, a dance argent, overall two tridents in saltire Or"
>...which would still be very Atlantian (colors, aquatic theme, etc) and 
>would be rid of a fairly unattractive charge.  Haven't checked for 
>conflict, though.

It appears free from conflict technically, but it would possibly be confused 
internally with the badges for the Queen's Guard, King's Champion, or the 
Order of the Sea Stag.  All three have saltired tridents (albeit in argent, 
not Or) and one other primary charge (QG = An escallop, KC = Spike, OSS = 
Stag's head cabossed).  My primary reservation would be the possible 
confusion caused between our badge and those of these martial badges.  This 
does not disqualify it, of course, but it *is* something worth considering.

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