academie: Musicians for the Dance Symposium

Oxford, David dmo at
Tue Jan 16 13:59:41 PST 2001


There is a rumor milling around that we don't need musicians for the Dance
Symposium on Feb 17th.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!  We do, indeed, need musicians.  I
am in contact with the Ponte Alto Harp & Drum Corp, but I do not have any sort
of commitment from them at this point.  So unless *I* say otherwise, we are open
to all who would like to come and play.  If the H&D Corp do play, I've asked
about their willingness to play with others, and I'm greatly hopeful that they
are open to it, as I know there are many talented musicians out there who would
like to play.

So please, if you're a musician and want to play at the Symposium, let me know
and come on out!


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