academie: Re: Academie Heraldry

Oxford, David dmo at
Tue Jan 16 12:42:36 PST 2001

>> I know this is starting to sound like a "Vard vs. Bryan" 
>> debate, and if that's what this really turns out to be, 
>> I'm willing to Indian Leg Wrestle for it at University
>> to determine whether we will behead Spike or not.  ;)  
>> Whaddya think, B-man, best two-out-of-three?

Ah, a challenge.  I accept!  Except, as the challenged, I believe I get choice
of weapons.  As a true Isenfiri, I must choose a game of cards or dice.
Specifics TBD.  :)

>> We really don't have any procedures in place to allow for 
>> voting or polling

I believe Greg would be useful for this.  We'll decide by flipping the
Chancelier: hair side up = full Spike, hair side down = head only.  Vard and I
can do it together to ensure fairness and allow for more height and greater

On a more practical note, if we MUST use Spike, how about enlarging him so that
the proportions are better, and make him gold and overlay the dance with him,

"Azure, a dance argent, overall a unicornate natural seahorses Or"

I put up a quickie rendering at the same site as the others
(, below the other two.  A
real quick check seems to show it as clear of conflict, we've still got all the
elements, and the proportions are better (easier to recognize the fishy thing :)
Conversely, (and perhaps even better) we could make the dance go over Spike
instead of vice-versa (not sure about an ordinary overlaying a charge, but
maybe).  It could be symbolic of dance overrunning Atlantia. :)  I put that one
up, too, just for comparison.

Personally, I'd prefer instead something more like:

"Azure, a dance argent, overall two tridents in saltire Or"

which would still be very Atlantian (colors, aquatic theme, etc) and would be
rid of a fairly unattractive charge.  Haven't checked for conflict, though.


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