academie: Academie Heraldry

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Tue Jan 16 07:48:37 PST 2001

>Keep those ideas coming!

D'oh, that wasn't intended to sound dismissive!  We really DO want to hear 
about alternatives, that way when we pick one, it'll be an informed 

BTW: **GREAT** job rendering the badges Bryan, here's one that I gave Golden 
Dolphin that she thought was troublesome:

(fieldless) On a unicornate natural seahorse argent, a dance azure.

Though it captures the "jewelry" option, it would probabably bounce back to 
us.  Golden Dolphin said that the dance would be really hard to see, being 
such a small charge (heck, it's a belt across Spike's belly).

I don't know if a dance can exist on a fieldless badge, but if so, we might 
be able to layer Spike across a dance as:

  dance dance SPIKE dance dance
  dance dance SPIKE dance dance

Which might be blazoned as: (fieldless) A dance azure, overall a unicornate 
natural seahorse argent.  Unfortunately, this sorta looks like Spike's been 
impaled, so it's probably a stinky idea.  I'm still wracking my brain to 
figure out how to combine Spike and a dance on a fieldless badge...
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