academie: Academie Heraldry

Oxford, David dmo at
Mon Jan 15 10:39:28 PST 2001

>> "Azure, a dance between two unicornate natural seahorses argent"
>> It's a simple blue field divided horizontally by a white 
>> dance.  Above and below the dance is Spike.

I like the simplicity and the symbolism of the elements.  I would suggest a
possible modification, though.  For the sake of scale and space, rather than the
whole thing, what about using Spike's head only (like the badge of the Order of
the Yew Bow)?  Hence,

"Azure, a dance between two unicornate natural seahorse's heads erased argent"

I've done a couple of real quick renderings (sorry about the quality ... it was
a fast job) and popped 'em up on the Academie website at

Take a peek and give some feedback.  Personally I prefer second option simply
because I think it fills the space better and balances nicer, while still
retaining the same symbolism.  Other opinions?


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