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Mon Jan 15 08:36:30 PST 2001


Several months ago, when the Academie was first founded, one of the smaller 
projects that we were kicking around was the registration of an heraldic 
badge for Academie members to wear so that they may be more easily 
identified by the populace.  There were several discussions then about what 
charges and colors we might like to use, whether the badge should be 
fieldless (so that it could be made into a pin or other type of jewelry) on 
not, and so forth.

There was no final decision -- nothing EVER gets decided around here :) -- 
but there did seem to be a general concensus regarding a few of the 
specifics.  We wanted a design which would clearly say "I'm from Atlantia 
and I know dance", so we tended to lean toward Atlantian colors (blue, 
white, gold), toward the Atlantian unicorned seahorse (a.k.a. "Spike"), and 
toward a specific heraldic charge known as a "dance".

[For non-heralds, a "dance" is a horizontal bar that zig-zags up and down, 
like the stripe on Charlie Brown's shirt (see  Things that 
zig-zag are said to be "dancetty", but when you say "a dance", you're 
specifically talking about a horizontal bar.]

Since the Society no longer registers charges containing unicorned animals, 
except for those individuals or groups who were "grandfathered" because they 
already had them, the only way the Academie would be able to register a 
badge using "Spike" would be if the Kingdom approved it.  To do this, I 
would need a letter of some sort from the Crown giving us Their blessing.  
So, at Twelfth Night, I was granted an audience to speak with Anton and 
Emer.  I explained what we wished to do, and why, and asked for Their 
permission to allow the Academie to design a badge using "Spike".

They thought it was a great idea, and I now have a signed letter from Them 
giving us Their permission to proceed!

I have been working fairly closely for the past fortnight with Atlantia's 
Golden Dolphin Herald -- the good Lady responsible for ALL heraldic 
submissions from our Kingdom.  One of the badges I gave her as an example of 
our intent she *really* liked, and went so far as to do an initial conflict 
check.  It goes like this:

"Azure, a dance between two unicornate natural seahorses argent"

It's a simple blue field divided horizontally by a white dance.  Above and 
below the dance is Spike.  The colors and use of Spike makes it clear that 
we're from "Atlantia", and the dance says, uhh, well, "we dance".  There's 
also a nice subtlety to it, in that the description of the badge in 
heraldeese ("a dance between two things Atlantian") is exactly what we do 
and who we are.  In Golden Dolphin's own words, this is *exactly* the type 
of heraldry that a dance group from Atantia would use, and since it appears 
to be free from conflict, she has recommended that we register it.

So, we have the blessings of Their Majesties and the support of Golden 
Dolphin to do this.  I would like the endorsement of the Academie so that I 
may move forward with this submission.  What are your thoughts?

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