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Sun Jan 14 14:41:57 PST 2001

I know that most of us would be interested and that not everyone on
Atlantia's dance list in on the BIG ONE...So, here is some info!

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> Greetings dance-enthusiasts and musicians!
> The fair Barony of Carolingia invites you to join us for the
> third Known World Dance Symposium, June 8-12, 2001, in Boston,
> Massachusetts.  (See )
> And... we need to know something from you now!
> We are putting together a deal with Boston University for
> inexpensive housing (dorm rooms) nearby the event site, perfect
> for crashing after late nights of dancing, and perfect for
> rolling out of bed for your class the next morning.  But, here's
> the catch: we need you to tell us *now* if you think you'll want
> one, so that we can reserve enough rooms.
> Please email me at adele at if you think you'll want
> a dorm room.  The room rate is not yet fixed, but should be
> approximately $40/night/person double occupancy, $45 single
> (maybe a little less).  (For comparison: Boston hotel rates are
> almost always more than $100/night.)
> The details:
> The dorms are more or less across the street from the classrooms; any
> crash space provided will be significantly further away, possibly as
> much as 10-15 miles away and requiring either car (and possibly paid
> parking) or significant time on public transit (as much as 45 minutes
> of commute). Carolingia is a geographically diffuse Barony, with a
> large part of our population in the outer suburbs; this is why we
> can't promise crash space closer in.
> We need this information so that we can request the right number of
> rooms from the university.  If we don't request enough, some of you
> will want dorm space and not get it.
> Please email me today!
> Thanks,
> Adele Mallory
> adele at
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