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<<It's apparent we need to help educate Atlantia somewhat about what is pre-17th century, and what is would be foolish to expect that we can change decades' worth of 
inertia with at a moment, we should REALLY try to avoid perpetuating the 
belief that non-period dances are "okay" as long as they have a "period 
feel" to them.  They are not.  This belief is something that the Academie is 
working toward overcoming, but it makes our job that much more difficult 
when these type of dances are included at Kingdom-level events.  By 
including grossly out of period (GOOP) dances for Atlantia's Twelfth Night 
Ball, we are tacitly endorsing their use within the Society -- something 
that we should NOT be doing.  I am confident that our Laurels and Pearls 
understand this, and I would hope that our other Peers (including the 
Royals) would understand this as well.>>

Hear, hear! :)

<<It is difficult, but we must begin to earnestly resist attempts to include 
GOOP dances (and other arts/sciences) into our activities.  There are scores 
of other fun dances to do which are documentably period.  If the Kingdom 
sets the wrong example by performing GOOP dances at Twelfth Night, what hope 
is there that smaller groups will not do likewise locally?>>

Very true.  A good example is what happened last weekend at interbaronial 12th Night.  Her Highness made a very polite request for three dances, all of which were 20th century (usually SCA corrutpions of an original 20th century folk dance), and as much as I would have LOVED to accomadate the princess (really---I am thrilled when non-dance laurel peers dance), I absolutely could not do it (based primarily on princple, secondarily on my complete lack of knowledge on the dances, and terciarily, but perhaps most importantly, on our lack of music for any of them).

<<Let's draw the line, here and now, and do the right thing by excluding these 
four dances from the ball.  Please.>>

Again, hear, hear!  


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