academie: Fwd: Re: Hot off the presses! (Or nearly so...)

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Wed Jan 10 15:32:26 PST 2001

> For your information, at InterBaronial Twelfth Night, HRH asked us to do one 
> of three GOOPs.  Tough as it was, we said no.  Well, it was tough for me, 
> Judith had no problem putting her foot down.  ;)

Heh. Vard did an excellent job of *politely* saying no, which is, of
course, the most important and difficult part of saying "no" to
anyone, much less Her Highness.

In this case the music was a single guy (me) who doesn't carry any
GOOP sheet music and doesn't know the tunes, so we had a technical
problem with doing them anyway...

-- Gregory Blount

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