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This list was just finalized yesterday afternoon. The list of dances for
the Atlantian Twelfth Night Masqued Ball. (Official name of the event.)

As you can see from the schedule in the flyer, there is an hour set aside 
for everyone to prepare for the primary ball. Most of the activities at the
event are all tied into this ball. His Majesty has said, numerous times, that
he expects the Knights of Atlantia to be dancing with him during the ball.
(And he has implied that the Pelicans and Laurels should as well...)

The Masqued Ball is all period. All of the other dances were relegated to the 
second ball. Unfortunately, a wrench was thrown into the works monday night
and the second ball has been shortened to one hour to allow for clean-up 
and having the building empty by 11pm. 

Also during the ball, I have asked Master Efenwealt to arrange to have
a small group of singers sing the dances as well. The following is the order
of the dances at ball. (Along with the number of times the whole dance will be 

Masqued Ball

**** Line of couples
 Quadran Pavane
 Black Almain
 Horses Bransle

**** Circle of couples
 Official Bransle
 Sellenger's Round
 Pease Bransle
 Gathering Peascods
 Washerwoman's Bransle

**** Sets of two couples
 Heart's Ease (x 2)
 Rufty Tufty (x 2)
 Parson's Farewell

**** Sets of four couples
 Hyde Park
 If All The World Were Paper

**** Line of couples
 Candlestick Bransle
 Queen's Almain
 Rostiboli Gioioso

**** Sets of three couples
 Black Nag (x 3)
 Jenny Pluck Pears (x 2)
 Gelosia (x 3)

**** Sets of three couples
 Whirligig (x 2)
 Petit Vriens (x 3)
 Upon a Summer's Day (x 2)

**** Circle of individuals
 Charlotte Bransle
 Cassandra Bransle
 Pinagay Bransle
 War Bransle
 Clog Bransle

**** Line of couples
 Lorayne Almain
 Madam Sosilia Almain
 Old Almain

Second Ball

 Carolingian Pavane
 Female Sailor
 Hole in the Wall
 Road to the Isles
 Earl Of Salisbury Pavane
 Whirligig (repeat chorus)
 Picking of Sticks 

There will be a dance booklet available at the site. These steps were traced 
back to the period sources when there was more than one variation available.

For my part, I've gotten arrangements from original source, where possible.
I'm only in charge of the Music, not the Dance Selection. Also note that the
GOOP dances in the second ball were kept (with the exception of Road.. and the
Whirligig adaption) to those also found in the ball at the SCA 30 Year

Coordinator of Musicians
Atlantian Twelfth Night Masqued Ball
james at

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