academie: 20th Year Celebration

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Thu Jan 4 07:50:50 PST 2001

Here's a 20YC update:

1 - There will be a conference call tonight between TRHs, the Autocrat, and 
the Lochmere and Dun Carraig event staffs to go over what events will be 
planned for the 20YC weekend and how the responsibility for each will be 

2 - The Academie was volunteered to handle ALL aspects of the 20YC Ball.  I 
expect TRHs and the Autocrat will be happy to let us do this.

3 - I was trying to think of things we might want to offer the event staff 
in addition to the 20YC Ball.  I suspect that offering a line of dance 
classes might be pretty warmly received.  Anyone have any other suggestions?

4 - The date of the event has firmed-up.  It will be Memorial Day weekend 
(May 25-28), pending final confirmation from Camp Brown.  Note: The NAS Pax 
River Air Show is the same weekend.  Traffic on Saturday (May 26) will be 
horrible along Rt. 235, and hotel rooms will likely be very hard to get.

5 - They are planning for Feast for 600 people (whoa!).  With off-board, 
they're planning for 800-900 people on site.  By comparison, we had between 
500 and 600 on site for Coronation.  This is gonna be a BIG event, folks! 
We'll have plenty of people to dance with.  :)

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