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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed Jan 3 15:12:03 PST 2001


I little bird just told me that Ponte Alto and Dun Carraig have won their 
joint bit to host 20th Year Celebration.  Ponte Alto is autocratting, we 
(Dun Carraig) are providing the site, and everybody is going to be sharing 
the work.  The site will be at Camp Brown in Scotland, MD.... this is the 
same site where Coronation for Amalric and Caia was hosted, where we had 
that really spiff Ball which was one of the things which caused us to 
eventually form the Dance Academie.

For those who didn't make that event, you missed something really special, 
from the meteor shower on Coronation eve to the pod of dolphins splashing in 
the Potomac on the morn of Amalric and Caia's first day as monarchs.  The 
dancing wasn't too shabby either, but we should have scheduled a LOT more of 
it!  The dance hall was smallish, and that might be a problem for 20YC, 
since we might see 2 to 3 times as many people showing up for this.  (What a 
drag, too many people show up to dance!)

Dun Carraig is having a business meeting tonight in an hour or so, and I 
will drop some STRONG hints about having a Ball for 20YC.  I expect we won't 
have to twist many arms!

I do NOT know the date, unfortunately.  There were two weekends identified 
in the January =Acorn= in Their Highnessses' letter, but I do not know if 
our bid was specific to one or the other.  When I know, I'll pass that info 

One thing everybody should stick in their pipes and start smoking right now 
-- crash space.  The site has 40 cabins, each will hold up to 8 folks.  
There is a camping area too, although not really that large.  The nearest 
hotels are at least 15 miles away.  Chez Vard, the southern-most SCAdian 
home in Dun Carraig, is 12 miles north of the site.  This is not the kind of 
event where you will be able to decide to come at the last minute and expect 
to find a place to crash.  Try to decide if you're coming as soon as you can 
reasonably do so, and send in your reservations early early early!

Last thing, here's the URL to the website we put together for Coronation -- 
there's a lot of info about Camp Brown on this site:

See ya!

Lord Edvard Gayer, Secretary
L'Academie Atlantienne de la Danse

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