academie: Dance Symposium - Any more instructors?

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Sat Dec 30 19:28:50 PST 2000


Just a reminder, our Symposium is creeping up on us.  At last count, we are 
offering 15 hours of instruction.  Is this enough?  Are there any other 
instructors out there who might want to teach something?  I'm certain that 
there are one or two of you who are on the fence but who haven't committed 
yet.  To you, I offer my encouragement and my support, and I extend a hearty 
recommendation *TO* go ahead and let Tatiana know that you'd like to teach.

To see what's already being taught, check out the list at

If you'd like to teach something that someone else has already "claimed", 
let Tatiana or the current instructor know -- perhaps something can be 
worked out, or perhaps there's enough information there for TWO classes.  If 
we don't hear from you, how are we to know?  ;)

Also, keep in mind that if you've never taught at a University, teaching a 
class at our Symposium might be just the ticket.  You'll have lots of 
support from the Academie, and since it's a dance-only event, you don't have 
to worry too much about a hostile crowd!  :)

One last thing... well, maybe two last things:  If you've not sent in your 
site fee, you might want to think about doing it soon.  Costs go up $3 after 
2/1.  Also, the Academie will be having a business meeting at 10am that day. 
  This will be a chance to put names to faces, talk about where we are and 
where we want to go, and about the sort of things we can do to help dancing 
continue to spread across Atlantia.  Please try to attend if at all 
possible, we might have some nifty handouts!  :)

Later, gators!
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