academie: Favorite Dances

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Thu Dec 21 07:52:12 PST 2000

> I like
> Trenchmore, too - wasn't a version published close to period?  Millar, 
> maybe?  I don't have the book I found the reference in handy to look it up.

You can look it up on-line: it's in the SCA Dance Cheat Sheets. The
first version is from the 2nd edition of Playford (published in 1652),
and yes, it happens to have been published in Millar's book (a
secondary source), which I think is a piece of junk, for reasons
mentioned in aforsaid cheat sheets.

> Though I've only done them once each I enjoyed Petit Vriens and 
> Anello.  Unfortunately, I lack the music for one and have two conflicting 
> versions of the other that both conflict with the one I learned at 
> University, so I will have a hard time promulgating them until I have 
> danced them more.

Sheet music and an .mp3 for the first is on-line in several versions
at Eric Praetzel's website, and steps for the second are online in the
cheat sheets.

-- Gregory Blount
who is apparently too lazy to walk to his bookshelves

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