academie: Favorite Dances

Trishka Hornbeck trishka at
Thu Dec 21 07:35:43 PST 2000

> I have a quick question for everyone.  When you go to an event, do you
> have favorite dances that you look forward to dancing?

To start let me say that my favorite thing to dance at an event is something
everyone knows. I would rather dance tangle and have everyone dancing and
enjoying themselves then something everyone is stumbling through. That said,
I think some of my personal favorites for events are Black Nag, Parsons
Farewell, New castle, Hearts Ease & Gathering Peascods (& Trenchmore if
their are enough farthingales). All these are ones I have particularly fond
memories of doing at events rather than just favorite dances, but that was
the question :)


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