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Christoph & Sherry Hintze chhintze at
Thu Dec 21 04:26:17 PST 2000

scripset Vard:

>I have a quick question for everyone.  When you go to an event, do you
>have favorite dances that you look forward to dancing?

Well, you did promise not to be judgemental, so I'm going to go out on a 
limb a little....I'm not sure I can narrow my list down to five either.  <G>

My top two favorite dances are the horrendously OOP (20th cty) Korobushka 
and SCA Road to the Isles.  I don't know if it's because they're among the 
first dances I learned a long time ago in a Barony far, far away, or if 
it's because they're such lively, fast-stepping dances - but I adore them 
both.  (Sorry, Vard!)  I like Hole in the Wall and Female Sailor, too, but 
they probably wouldn't make the list of favorites.

Moving closer to SCA acceptability, I really like Rufty Tufty and Heart's 
Ease.  Sellinger's Ronde is not necessarily a top-five-favorite, but it's 
good fun.  I also enjoy Chestnut, probably more than Sellinger's, and 
though I haven't done them much, Whirligig and Scotch Cap.  I like 
Trenchmore, too - wasn't a version published close to period?  Millar, 
maybe?  I don't have the book I found the reference in handy to look it up.

Though I've only done them once each I enjoyed Petit Vriens and 
Anello.  Unfortunately, I lack the music for one and have two conflicting 
versions of the other that both conflict with the one I learned at 
University, so I will have a hard time promulgating them until I have 
danced them more.

I know a lot of bransles & like them, but none stands out as a favorite.  I 
do Horse's a lot.  Haven't done enough Almains to know them well enough for 
a favorite there, but I'd like to do more.  Of pavanes, I enjoy Carolingian 
and Mannschaft, though that's probably due to familiarity - I'd probably 
like other pavanes equally well if I got to know them.

Okay, I will stop and narrow down to a list of five....and even throw out 
my two OOP faves:
In no particular order, dances I like to do at events:

Rufty Tufty
Hear't Ease
Horse's Bransle
Carolingian Pavane

So, Vard, are you going to list your favorites...?  You DID start this, 
after all.  <G>

Lady Kat
enjoying this thread immensely

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