academie: musicians for interbaronial 12th Night

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Tue Dec 19 18:44:24 PST 2000

Hail, fellow Atlantians!
       I have found myself with the happy task of leading dance at the 
interbaronial 12th Night (between Marinus and Tir Y Don)...No dance is 
complete, however, without the somewhat necessary accompaniment of musicians 
(live ones are preferable, after all---they do so much better than dead 
ones....).  In this vein, I am asking for the assistance of any musicians in 
the kingdom who either were planning on attending the event, or who would 
like to help out a poor dance mistress and attend.  If any interested 
musicians could please contact me, I would be MOST appreciative. :)

my thanks,
judith de northumbria

p.s.The feast is set to occur on the true 12th Night, January 6, 2001.
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