academie: 12th Night dance list

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Sun Dec 10 18:24:48 PST 2000

> 20/hour is 3 minutes per dance, which is a pretty aggressive pace.  But KWDS
> was a no-teach ball, the only significant down time I can recall was setting
> up for each dance, which might have taken at most a minute per dance.

It takes longer. At Pennsic, which is also no-teach, you'd be amazed
at how different it is to watch dancing from the floor, and from the
musician's stage. The poeple dancing don't realize how long it takes
to set up. They think it's continous action, while the people on the
stage realize how slow it is.

The reason you remember that many dances is that the ball lasted many
hours. 4 hours at 8/hour is 32 dances; 4 hours at 20/hour is 80
dances. There aren't 80 dances that you can dance, even if you include
the more popular GOOPs.  Personally, I was so distressed at the slow
pace of KWDS dancing that I incited some dances during the breaks...

-- Gregory Blount

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