academie: 12th Night dance list

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Sun Dec 10 12:42:19 PST 2000

> For comparison
> purposes, the ball held at the Known World Dance Symposium in 1999 was four 
> hours long (with 5-10 minutes breaks at the top of each hour), and we danced 
> close to 20 per hour.  Your intent is to have two 2-hour balls.

I don't think your math is right. We manage to dance 8 dances per hour
at the Pennsic no-teach ball. I don't think we did more at KWDS. We
did manage more than 8 but still fewer than 20/hour at the last
Pennsic Caroso Ball, at which the dancers and musicans line up much
faster than is possible at a ball. So the answer is likely to be
7-8 dances/hour.

-- Gregory Blount

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