academie: Re: Winterversity - Course Description

Stephen Kiefert lanhamlaw at
Mon Nov 13 17:59:24 PST 2000

Advanced English Country Dance - Stefan of Cambion/Evelynne

This class will go beyond the usual ECD dance pattern of
doubles/siding/arming with a chorus and teach more interesting
ones from Playford's book such as Parsons Farewell, Saint Martins,
Whirligig, and Newcastle.  These are more complicated dances than
are usually taught at events and are not meant for beginners. You
will have an opportunity to do them in the dancing after the feast
that evening.

to academie:
Storvik will be hosting a feast and dancing after the university
classes this time.   it will be only 2 blocks away.  This would be
an opportunity for students to do the dances taught that day. 

University will be at the University of Maryland armory in College
Flyer will be posted once finalized.

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