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Here they are.  Timely comments are welcome. :)


15th C. Social Dance:  An Introduction.  (Edvard Gayer)
    A long time ago, in a funny little boot-shaped country far, far away, 
bored Italians had to come up with something to do between the ragu and the 
romancin'.  What they came up with was a seductive, flirtatious, and not 
terribly complicated form of dance which is currently sweeping the SCA by 
storm!  Students will be introduced to several steps unique to Italian 
dance, and will learn dances such as "Gelosia", "Anello" and that 
crowd-favorite "Petit Vriens".  (Beginners welcome.  Class is a recommended 
prerequisite for the Intermediate 15th C. Italian class.)

15th C. Social Dance:  The Madness Continues. (Judith de Northumbria / 
Edvard Gayer)
    This class will be geared towards those who have experienced the joys of 
beginner Italian dance, and are ready to experience the next level of the 
Grand Ol´Conspiracy of Renaissance Italy.  Participants should have some 
knowledge of the basic steps, though they will be reviewed as a warm up at 
the beginning of class.  Possible dances to be taught: Rosti Boli, Amoroso, 
Colonesse, Marchesana, Leoncello.  All dances will be reviewed at the end of 
the class for the sake of practice and memory.

Intermediate English Country Dance. (Stefan of Cambion / Evelynne Merrymet)
    In 1651, John Playford published =The English Dancing Master=, from 
which most of SCA English dancing comes.  However, the SCA has only 
scratched the surface of these dances.  Several easy dances not commonly 
done at events from Playford's book will be taught.  They will be similar to 
the familiar ones, but will expand your repertoire.  Dances may include 
Parson's Farewell, St. Martin's, Whirligig and Newcastle, among others.  
(Students should already be familiar with basic English Country Dances and 
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